IBM S/390

In December 2006, the Museum received a very special gift from the Ministry of Public Administration – an IBM S/390-RB5 mainframe computer, complete with two data storage systems – IBM 3390 and EMC SYMMETRIX 4800. With the help of some strong and hearty boys from the moving industry, the bulky mainframe made it from the Ministry’s cellar to our cellar here on Kersnikova street. Barely five years ago, this mainframe was running the Central Population Register, Customs Information Systems and Personal Income Taxes System.

Some info about the mainframe and the IBM storage system can be found on the IBM web page, whilst our gallery hosts some pictures of this computer system. We are also planning to power up the mainframe at some point in the future and try to make it useful somehow.

In February 2007, Cyberpipe invited Grega Bremec, a mainframe administrator, to give a presentation about IBM mainframe computers. Our video archive hosts a video from the presentation, and there are also some pictures from the presentation available in the gallery.

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