• Computers

    We are focusing mainly on the so-called home computers, from 1980’s on. All computers are working and available for visitors to try…. read more

  • Slovenian computers

    made by Iskra Delta company in the 80ties …. read more

  • Mainframe computers

    Although the Museum’s primary focus is on personal computers and smaller workstations, we don’t shy away from the big boys – behold, the IBM S/390 mainframe with accompanying hard disks … read more

  • Data Storage

    Through the years the technology of storing digital data was perfected and changed to suit different computing systems. Here you can see all from punched cards from the early 1920’s to first hard disks with magnetic plates. Hard drives built in modern computers use the same principle …read more

  • Main memory

    How the technology used for computer memory changed in years …read more

  • Microprocessors

    Microprocessors made possible the advent of the microcomputer. Before this, electronic CPUs were typically made from bulky discrete switching devices (and later small-scale integrated circuits) containing the equivalent of only a few transistors …read more

  • Calculators

    Mechanical and later electromechanical calculators occupied the desktops until they were replaced by completely electronic calculators …read more

  • GameBoy corner

    Gaming consoles are not computers as such, but their development is interconnected with the development of computer technology …read more

  • Library

    A collection of computing related books …read more

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