Data Storage

datadata2There are many ways and different technologies for storing computer data. This section presents those, that are part of our collection.

  • cca 1890: Punched cards – The punch card is a recording medium for holding information for use by automated data processing machines …read more
  • 1951: Magnetic tape – Magnetic tape was first invented for recording sound by Fritz Pfleumer in 1926 in Germany …read more
  • 1955: Hard disk – A hard disk drive is a data storage device that stores data on a magnetic surface layered onto hard disk platters …read more
  • 1985: CD – The design of the CD was originally conceived as an evolution of the gramophone record …read more
  • 1989: Digital data Storage – Digital Data Storage (DDS) is a format for storing and backing up computer data on magnetic tape …read more

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