Goals and Visions
  • To educate the public in computer history, to broaden horizons – computer history is a part of our history as well. To warn that rapid technology changes impact our lives more than it seems.
  • To deviate thinking into ecology, because of rapid technology advance there are tons of electronic devices thrown away and present a great threat to the environment.
  • To preserve computer and technical heritage using interactive experimenting on the exhibits, keeping history alive and to pass on knowledge interactively and through experience.
  • Networking with individuals and institutions interested in vintage computers and the history of computing. Creating a recognized network, based in Cyberpipe’s Computer Museum.
  • Obtaining a 60’s mainframe to serve as a comparison to todays computers. Consecutively, the visitor will have better conception of leaps, which happened in the last 50 years in the field of digital technology.
  • Relocating to a bigger space and this enabling to further enlarge the collection and the amount of workshops, lectures and other events.
  • Gaining interest of foreign experts, dealing with the phenomenon of computer history and host specific historical lectures.

Zavod K6/4